The Slimming Down Process

I just listened to a sermon by Bishop T.D. Jakes on appreciating the work God does in our lives as we journey towards our final destination. One remark he made really caused my spirit to stir. He said “God doesn’t use what you have lost, but what you have left bless you”. How true that is! As we move towards the fulfillment of our destinies, God processes us so that He can use us and that we can be carriers of His glory. The processing isn’t easy, but its necessary and God stretches us in ways that we could never imagine so that the true person on the inside, the real you can come forth.

As we give God control over our lives, He leads us through the valleys, up the mountains, down the steep hills, through the tunnels, through the wilderness, into the green pastures and towards our wealthy places. This process will slim us down. It will cut away the excess weight of sin, burn pride and jealousy, melt away unforgiveness and offence and get rid of the ungodly attitudes. The more we walk with God, the healthier we become and as we lose the weight, He tones us up with patience, perseverence, and long-suffering. This whole process is motivated by His love for us and it prescribed by the greatest doctor.

Yes, slimming down is hard work, but the results are worth it! You will live longer, be healthier and have a better life overall. When the Fitness Instructor, our precious Holy Spirit, begins to apply the pressure, don’t let frustration get the better of you and don’t get angry with God. Allow Him to so His work, so that you can reach your goal: to be more like Him. 

Don’t weep for that which God has stripped away, thank Him for what He has left you with and work it like never before.

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