Your Word for This Day: Service with a Smile!

Monday, February 18, 2013

  “…Doing the will of God from the heart,  with goodwill doing service,  as to the Lord, and not to men.”
Ephesians 6:6b-7

In God’s original design, He predetermined that His children would find their identity in Him. We were never meant to suffer from low self-esteem, negative self-image or identity crises. Long before Adam and Eve sinned in the garden and things became mixed up, God already had a plan in place to send Jesus Christ to fix everything. In Him alone we find our true identity.

There is great peace in knowing that we do not have to work–do–pay–labour our way into God’s heart. Our identity in Him is not performance-based. Our worth is not determined by what we have accomplished, the projects we are involved in, or the amount of people we serve. We do not serve to be loved, we serve because we are loved. In serving others, we serve God. In serving God, we are fulfilling our life’s purpose. Today, as you serve others, whether in the workplace, in the school, in the church, in the hospital, on the street, or wherever you may be, remember that you are working for the Master. Give your best, serve with a smile, and lead by example. Do the will of God from your heart and don’t let anything steal your peace. Always keep your mind on Him! He will reward faithful service.

Declaration: “I will work and do the will of God from my heart, serving with the best of my ability as unto Jesus Christ!”

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