Your Word for This Day: All the Glory Belongs to You!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden,  and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11: 28

As people all around the world remember the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ this week, it is important that we do not forget the purpose for which Jesus gave up His life. In dying on the cross, Jesus Christ offered Himself as the final sacrifice for the sins of every person on this earth, so that we would fulfill God’s original purpose for our lives: to glorify Him.

It may be difficult to understand, but on the cross, as Jesus hung there bleeding and in pain, He was glorifying God through obedience. And in His obedience, you and I have been forever changed! He died so that you would be forgiven, and He rose so that you would access the abundant life in Him… all to the glory of the Father!

Today, Jesus is calling for you to come to Him – to lay down your heavy burdens and all that you are working for at the foot of the cross, and find rest in Him. In doing so, you too, glorify God. As you trust in Jesus, abide in Him, walk in the Spirit, obey His word, fulfill your divine destiny, love others and share the good news of the Gospel, God is glorified. Everything that we do should be for the glory of God. There is no higher calling, no greater motivation. Today, let’s keep the main thing the main thing, and remember, because of the cross, God is glorified and His glory can be seen in and through you!

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