Your Word for This Day: Abundant Joy!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

“You have multiplied the nation and increased its joy;  they rejoice before You according to the joy of harvest, as men rejoice when they divide the spoil.”

Isaiah 9:3

Who can do it like God? Truly? Who can heal, deliver, liberate, teach, promote, expand, increase, instruct, correct, lead, guide and provide like the King of kings? There is no jury to decide, no people to elect, no council to appoint Him — God is God and He forever will be. He reigns with power, majesty and authority and to His dominion there is no end! Hallelujah! Happy is the people whose God is the Lord!

It is God who gives increase, both to individuals and to nations. The best of our efforts is not enough; man cannot access what God has not allowed. But, when God says it’s time for increase, nothing can stop it! He increases resources, and He increases joy. Do you know that you can have abundant joy today in Jesus Christ?

Joy in the Lord stems from who God is and His perfect love towards us. Joy in the world comes from material things and is dependent on people, money and situations, all which will pass away. Knowing that you belong to Jesus and are part of His plans in this earth will cause you to rejoice as in the day of harvest, when you manifest the fruit of the word of God that has been planted in your heart. You will rejoice as men who have won a battle and plundered their enemies for all the riches they had. That’s joy at another level! Won’t your rejoice in God today? Let Him take you higher! The God of the galaxies has determined your increase, walk in it.

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