Your Word for This Day: Revealed Glory!

Monday, May 20, 2013

“And He said to me, ‘You are My servant, O Israel, In whom I will be glorified’.” Isaiah 49:3

“Why does it have to be so hard?” Hmmm. What a question! Christians and non-Christians alike have asked this ancient question. What about you? Have you ever asked this? Better yet, have you received an answer? Or are you still waiting?

It’s true we all face challenges, we all face disappointments. Some troubles we did nothing to initiate and some, well, let’s just say, we should have made better choices.   Thank God that He does not cast us away when we make mistakes! Thank God for His grace! Truly, God does not see us as how men do.

I may not be able to tell you the specific reason for why you face challenges or encounter hardships, but I can tell you this: in Christ, there’s always purpose to what you’re going through. There is a point to it all! God will be glorified in you.

God wants the light of His glory to shine through you for the world to see, and come to know Him. That’s why, at times, He allows the heat to be turned up in your life. It’s meant to process you.

Through processing and refining, the radiance of His holy appearance and the beauty of His character will be seen in you. So today, instead of asking this question, look to heaven and say “Thank you God for trusting me with your glory. May I be counted worthy to suffer for you and to shine for you. In Jesus’ name. Amen! ”

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