Exciting News!!! New Series: The Shift

The Shift


Exciting News!!!

For the month of June, our series will be called “The Shift”.

This series is based on the book, “The Shift: What is at end of your yes to God?” Written by Apostle Diann Wilson, with Brent Anthony. The information in this book has been life-altering, not only for myself, but also for readers in different countries!

The first step to living the abundant life in Jesus Christ, ¬†fulfilling your destiny, to becoming a son of God, to manifesting the power of God’s Kingdom on the earth, is to say “Yes” to God. But it doesn’t stop there.

Every day we must walk out that “yes” to God. But how do we do that? Well the Shift is here to help.

Each step is outlined in a practical way and I hope that these devotionals encourage you to get the book so that you can read for yourself and experience the break through and liberty that comes from saying and living your “yes” to God!


Thanks for reading!

Michelle Jeremie



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