Your Word for This Day: “Will you ride?”


 Tuesday, September 10, 2013

“Now when He got into a boat, His disciples followed Him.”

Matthew 8:23

Jesus got into the boat.

Jesus walked up to the seashore, and found the boat that He was looking for and got into it. No hesitation, just confident movements towards His next destination. Jesus’ disciples—those who trusted Him, who had seen Him perform miracles, who had given up their lives to walk with Him, followed Him into the boat. No questions asked, no back up plan offered.  These men knew that where their Master led them, they would follow. What trust, obedience and love!

Where is Jesus leading you in your life? You may not know the entire blueprint for your life, and that’s ok—few do. But, what was the last thing that Jesus, by His Holy Spirit, asked you to do? What door has He asked you to walk through? Which seat has He asked you to sit in? Which business did He ask you to start? Which relationship did He ask you to nourish? Have you followed Him?

For each person, the ‘boat’ will be different, but we all have one to ride. God knows what you need to take you to your next destination.

Yes, the storms will come. And yes, the fear will rise. But  remember this: Jesus got into the boat first. Where He leads you, is the place you need to be. You will come through every storm. You will make it to the other side. You will continue in your journey towards fulfilling your divine destiny, and God will be glorified. Today, praise God, and thank Him for the ride!

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