One day at a time

Today’s Word of Inspiration!

God's Viewpoint


So many times we try to live tomorrow today.  How do we do that?  Through our worrying and anxiety.

This habit causes us to miss out on all the excitement  of today.  We are so concerned about what may happen next, that we miss what is happening now.

NOW is the only time you have.

Now is the time to smell the roses, enjoy the coffee, share a joke or a smile with someone.  Do not worry about what is going to happen tomorrow.

Do not let the future steal the joy from your present.  Enjoy each moment. Live in each moment. Maximize each moment. Take life one day at a time and enjoy it. Tomorrow would take care of itself if you would just trust God. He’s got it all worked out. Jesus said that we should  take no thought about tomorrow.  He wants us to live in each moment that He…

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