Your Word for This Day: Your Heavenly Father is Here

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

“And He said unto them, when ye pray say, Our Father…” 

Luke 11:2

By Guest Author: Peter Felix

Picture this: A father arrives at home and turns the key in the lock to open the door. His son, still a toddler, runs excitedly towards the door exclaiming, “Daddy! Daddy! Da-d-dy!” He hugs his father tightly as he steps through the door. Now that’s how God waits for us to come to Him excitedly, expectantly, fondly crying “Abba, Father.” He wants to have relationship with us, to father us, to love us, to correct us, to take care of us – but we must allow Him, we must invite Him in.

I know that this Father image of God is difficult for many people to grasp, especially those who did not have a great relationship with their earthly father. It’s true that some of you have been neglected, abused, misused by your father. Some have never seen their father; while for others, your father’s name was not even acknowledged on your birth certificate. But, whatever your experience has been you can develop a wonderful relationship with your heavenly Father as you pray.He has always been there and promises never to leave you!

Right now, today, start this journey by asking God to reveal Himself to you as Father, and you can also ask Him to help you to receive Him as Father. I can guarantee that your life will never be the same.


More about Guest Blogger: Pastor Peter Felix is the Senior Pastor of Victory in the Word Outreach International. With a heart to pastor God’s people according to the word of God, Pastor Felix is passionate about leading people to Christ and equipping them to walk in victory. He is also the principal of Victory Academy of Learning Christian Private Schools.

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