Your Word for This Day: Press Through Until!

Friday, October 11, 2013

“Give the LORD no rest until he completes his work…”  Isaiah 62:7 NLT

By Guest Author: Peter Felix

Have you ever noticed a child asking a parent for something over and over and over? They would insist, pester, coax, and cajole until the parent gives up and gives in. Think about how your teenager would long for that new video game, Ipad or outfit. They would wait (mostly impatiently), and keep reminding you at any and every occasion they may get that they are still waiting for what they want. That is determination.

Our scripture today says to “Give the Lord no rest”. Sometimes, we feel as if we are bothering God or that we don’t have faith if we pray again for the same thing. Indeed, we must be sensitive to the leading of the Lord, for there are times when He would say to just thank Him for the answer for it is already done. However, many times He wants us to keep coming, keep praying, keep pressing. There are times that we must continue to PUSH – Pray Until Something Happens!

My friend, your answer could be just one more prayer away – don’t stop praying. The healing that you need; the return of a loved one, the turnaround for your business; the help for your ministry, the peace in your marriage, the companion you’re praying for, the job that you need, God has the answer! My encouragement to you today is this: Don’t stop praying; give the Lord no rest until…

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