Your Word for This Day: “In the Court of the King!”

 Friday, March 7, 2014


“For a day in Your courts is a better than a thousand outside.”  Psalm 84:10a NASB

Written By: Alana Mills

“Today, Father, I rejoice that I have access to your throne in your royal court. I thank you for the sacrifice of your one and only Son, Jesus, which has made all of this possible for me. I rejoice that I can have sweet fellowship with you and that I can enjoy the benefits and the pleasures of being in Your Presence.”

What a privilege and what an honour we have as sons and daughters of the living God – the privilege and the honour of being able to have access to the Presence of God. Through the blood of Jesus, we are no longer strangers afar off, but we are all able to enjoy the love of our King and, in return for His goodness, lavish all our love, praise and adoration upon Him.

The beauty of all of this is that we didn’t gain access to the presence of God because we were good. It’s all because of what Christ has done. And, our position in Him is a spiritual   position .Once we are in Christ, that position never changes.

Let us continue to draw near to Christ by faith, knowing that we have found favour in His sight and that He has extended His favour to us. Let us seize every moment of this day, tapping into His Presence through prayer, praise, and thanksgiving. Let us delight in enjoying intimacy with the King of all Kings!

Introducing the Your Word for this Day Writing Team:

Ms. Alana Mills: She’s living life to the fullest! Whether teaching languages to high school students, passionately singing the praises of God or conducting a photo shoot, Alana embraces all of the joys of living the abundant life in Christ and is committed to fulfilling her God-given destiny. Alana is an encourager and allows the rays of Jesus’s love to shine through her  wherever she goes!

Welcome Alana!

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