Your Word for This Day: “My promise to you: “Seek Me First, and You Will Never Lack”

Monday, April 28, 2014

 keep-calm-and-seek-god-first But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Mathew 6:33

It all really boils down to trust. “Do I trust God?”

We travel to work on the subway, without a thought of safety. Blindly, we trust that the captain is alert, that the subway car is functioning properly and that the underground lights are working. We eat in restaurants, where we have no clue what’s really  happening in the kitchen. We trust the establishment’s name, the chef’s skills and the word of other patrons and we dig in!  But we have no guarantee that our lives (and our stomachs) will be well taken care of, and we cannot expect it because nothing in this life is certain—except for God.

Nothing and no one else but God can guarantee to give you what you need when you need it. Yet, we have so much trouble trusting Him. We find it difficult to put all of who we are into learning who He is and seeking after His purposes. But, God has made you a promise that if you seek His kingdom first—above all seek to know His heart, obey His word and do His will, He will make sure to provide everything that you have need of, and  He will keep His promise! God’s word is good. He promises that if you give Him your all (your undivided attention and affection), He will give You His All.

And really, there’s no need for anything else. He’s more than enough.


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