Your Word for This Day: “Desiring God”

Monday, September 15, 2014

waitonthelordLet all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him. My victory and honor come from God alone… Psalm 62: 5,7



Come, Let us Adore Him

By: Diann J. Wilson

He is a wonder, His works are so great,

His power is limitless, we all can relate.

His mercy is everlasting, His love is so true,

Oh, come let us adore Him for all that He will do.



The splendor of His glory, the beauty of His name

Leaves our hearts singing again and again.

His majestic dominion forever will reign

He is our mighty Savior, come let us adore him.



He sits on the throne,  He lives in our hearts,

He showers us with love, He never will depart.

He fills us with peace and calls us his own

Come, let us worship God and God alone.



Oh, what a wonder! Oh, what a joy!

Oh, what a Redeemer! Oh, what a Lord!

Oh, what a Master, forever He will reign,

Oh, come let us adore Him, Jesus Christ our King.


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