Your Word for This Day: “I am Free, Praise the Lord.”

Thursday, December 4, 2014

 Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. John 8:36

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There are many things that we take for granted. Freedom is one of them.

Maybe you’re saying, “What do you mean? I’m free. I’m not in jail.”

This may be true, but in the average person’s mind, freedom is misunderstood. When we think of freedom, we think of doing what we want, where we want, how we want.

But, that’s not true freedom. True Freedom is living the abundant life of Jesus Christ in obedience to His word and in submission to His Holy Spirit.

When a person accepts Jesus Christ into their heart by faith, his or her sin’s are forgiven and the power of sin is broken off of that life. Now, that man or woman is no longer a slave to the enemy, is no longer going down the wrong road and is no destined for hell.

He or she is free to love God and to love others from a pure heart, free to walk in purpose and free to make a positive impact in the world for the glory of God.

In Christ, we are free, and it is in the Word of God that we learn to live free. We learn what freedom looks like.

Embrace this truth today: When you accept Jesus Christ into your heart, He sets you free. It’s time to live free… NOW.


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