Your Word for This Day: “That’s the truth and I’m sticking with it!”

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

 Then the priests met with the older Jewish leaders and made a plan. They paid the soldiers a lot  of money and said to them, “Tell the people that Jesus’ followers came during the night and stole the body while you were sleeping.”  Matthew 28:12-13 ERV


“What if people believe that this man Jesus actually rose from the dead? What would happen in this city? What would happen to our religion? To our customs? What would this mean for our lives?”

Just imagine the conversation that took place between the priests and Jewish leaders. They were so afraid of this whole “Jesus-raising from-the-dead” issue. They couldn’t handle Him when He was alive, and now, even after His death, He continued to cause quite a stir. So, they concocted a plan to maintain control in the city. They paid the soldiers a lot of money to lie and say that Jesus did not raise from the dead… His body was stolen.

This is the lie that the enemy wants all people to believe: Jesus did not raise from the dead, therefore Jesus is not who He says He is.

But, it’s a good thing that the enemy is a liar.

Jesus was crucified for our sins and on the third day, He did rise again, just as He said it would happen.  He rose victoriously and we, who believe, share in His resurrection!

My friend, do not believe the lie of the enemy, in any form that he may present it. Anytime that you hear a voice, whether internal or external saying that God can’t deliver you, that He’s not able to sustain you, that what you have done is greater than His grace towards you or that His blood cannot cover your sins, see it for what it is—lies.

Jesus Christ is victorious.

The enemy has been defeated.

You and I have the same Spirit—the resurrection power— that raised Christ from the dead living in us, causing us to triumph in life.

And because He is alive, you are alive today! Celebrate, rejoice and give praise!

Great is our God!




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