Your WOrd for This Day: “It’s Time for Breakthrough!”

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come,He will guide you into all truth…  John 16:13a

HolySpiritinsideIs there an area in your life where you are not experiencing the victory that God has said is yours?


  • Your dreams look as if they have died and things in your life are not aligning with what God has promised you in His word.
  • You are not seeing the results of your prayer, your effort or your investment.
  • Your thoughts and emotions are out of control and you feel defeated even before you come off of the bed in the morning!
  • You are having serious challenges with your finances, your health and your relationships.

If so, you are in need of a breakthrough!

It’s time to break- through!

Here is the great news my friend, you have the power within you to Break -Through every blockage that you face, both internally and externally, and walk in the victory that is legally yours as a Child of God.

The Holy Spirit is here to HELP you—He is in a believer’s life to guide him or her into all truth.  And, truth is essential. It is only when we know the truth, will we be made free.

The Holy Spirit helps us to know the truth of

  • who God is,
  • who we are in Jesus Christ,
  • what our Kingdom inheritance is,
  • what we can achieve, and
  • how to successfully overcome the schemes of the enemy and prosper in all things!

Join us this week as we go deeper into the area of achieving our spiritual breakthroughs and accessing all that God has prepared for us.

We anticipate God doing mighty things in our lives and setting His people free!

It’s time that we walk in God’s truth and enjoy the abundant life!

With many blessings and much love!


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