Your Word for This Day: “I Have Confidence”

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

“For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

confidence prayer

Are you troubled by double mindedness?  Are you one of those who can never decide on what you should be doing or should not be doing?  Well, if you have been like that in the past, today is the day that you put that to rest.

Today is the day when you begin to have confidence in yourself and the thoughts that you think.

To achieve all that is yours in this year you must have confidence in you.

The ability to think clearly is one of the benefits of having the Holy Spirit live inside of you.  He is there to help you think as you ought to think as a child of God.  He brings clarity and definition to us as we allow Him to.

No more will you allow doubt to make you think that you are incapable of constructive thoughts and making decision.

Have confidence in yourself.  Have confidence in your thoughts.  Have confidence in what is inside of you.

That business idea has been in your heart for so long but every time you want to launch out, doubt cripples you.  No more after today.  Talk to yourself. Confess that you have confidence in you and in the ideas that you have.

Remember that you were created for greatness.  A great God made a great human being to produce greatness on a great planet called earth.  You are that work of greatness and you possess a great mind.

Have confidence in yourself.  God is waiting on you.


To your confidence!

Apostle Diann 


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