Your Word for This Day: “Elements of Unity: Pt. 2”

Friday, July 15, 2016

“Live in harmony with one another. Do not be haughty, but associate with the lowly. Never be wise in your own sight. Romans 12:16



Unique, United individuals


Intentionally with

Truth, Trust and Togetherness as we are

Yielded and Yolked together for PURPOSE!!


Today, we look once again at this powerful acronym for Unity that describes some of the elements needed to really be unified as a team. We continue with “T”.

Truth, Trust and Togetherness

If we are to be unified, we must seek after and walk in truth. I can’t emphasize how important this is. Many of us have lost valuable connections in our lives because we weren’t or the other party wasn’t truthful. Discovered lies will destroy a group’s unity in record speed. It’s better to be wrong and honest, and work through whatever challenges you face together, rather than lie and create a ticking time bomb that will one day explode (and it often happens when you are least expecting it). Truth is vital for unity, and it is foundational  to trust.

Our total trust must be in God and not in man, because only He is completely trustworthy. Yet, as we come together and unite, we begin to develop a level of trust for each other. We begin to depend on each other to do what we have said we would do, to show up when we have committed to be somewhere, and to be fully engaged when we are there. Trust causes us to really experience togetherness and The deeper the sense of togetherness of a group, the greater and more powerful the results can be.

Yielded and Yolked Together for Purpose

Another word for “yielded” is “submitted”. Yes, submitted. When we are first submitted to God – His standards, His way of doing things, His definition of love – we are able to submit to others. To submit to one another is not to be pushed around, mistreated or abused. Submission entails not always having to be in charge, have the last word or have it your way. We esteem one another highly and give mutual respect. We seek to live in harmony with others, serve one another and see that the purpose of the group is always supported.

When we submit we can be yoked, or joined together, with little to no resistance. As a result, the weight (or burden) is shared and we are able to “pull” and accomplish more together.We are stronger together.
So, here are the elements of unity. Of course the list is not exhaustive, but I do believe it helps to get us on the right track. Once again, I pose these questions: What do you think about this description of unity? How is it challenging what you think about unity? What do you understand now, that you didn’t understand before?

Friend, let’s really work on our working and dwelling together in unity – creating the atmosphere for the blessings of God to flow in and through our lives. Now is the time!

Have a blessed and safe weekend!

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