Your Word for This Day: “Accepted through the Blood”

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

“So also Jesus suffered and died outside the city gates to make his people holy by means of his own blood.” Hebrews 13:12 NLT


It is important that we read this verse of Scripture until it becomes real and practical to us.

How many times have I heard believers say that they cannot live holy, or they are not worthy, or things along that line.  It grieves the heart of God to hear His children speak and behave like if they are nothing.  Why does it grieve his heart?  Because He knows that He has paid the ultimate price for our holiness and our worthiness. Why did Jesus suffer and die outside of the city gates?  So that you and I could live within the gates of the City of God.

 He went outside so that we could come inside.

 He was rejected so that we could be accepted. 

Outside of the city paints a picture of rejection, abandonment and humiliation. It is like putting somebody out of your house and closing the door on them, telling them that they are not wanted in your house.  That is what happened to Jesus.  He chose to be sacrificed outside of the city so that we, you and I could live inside of the city.

What city? The New Jerusalem, the City of God.

Do you realize my friend, the significance of this verse?  And He did it just for you and me.

Do you know how important you are to God?

Why are you still living outside of the Kingdom when God died for you to access your place within the Kingdom.

Do you know what that place is? You are seated in Him, in heavenly places far above principalities and powers (Ephesians 2:6).

What are you doing outside, in fear, dismay, defeat and abandonment?

Jesus dealt with all of those things when He chose to die outside of the city gates.  He does not want you to live there.  He does not want you to be an outcast. He does not want you to experience what He experienced. Oh no.  He loves you so much that He ensured that He experienced all your pain, shame, guilt, sins and you name it.

Well, if you did not know it before, today, the blood is speaking on you behalf. It is speaking to you. Listen and do what it says.

The blood of Jesus commands you to come inside and eat from the table of mercy that has been prepared for you and me before the foundation of the world.

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