Your Word for This Day: ” I am my Beloved’s”

Friday, October 7, 2016

“I  am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine. He feeds his flock among the lilies.” Song of Solomon 6:3 


“I”. The word refers to me personally.  Everyone may say this psalm and believe it but that will do me no good unless I believe it for myself.

God deals with us as individuals.  He blesses us individually.  He corrects us individually and He expects us to have an individual relationship with Him.

I must go to God for myself. I must trust God for myself. Yes, there would be many who would pray for me and encourage me along my journey, but essentially my Christian walk is between God and me.

Accepting God as my personal shepherd gives me the assurance that I am in His presence daily.

I am important to Him as a person.  Yes, I am a part of His kingdom, but I am not lost in a crowd.  He knows me by name.  He has called me his own. I am His and He is mine. I am the apple of His eyes and the handiwork of His hands.

What a privilege is given to me as a child of the most High God.

I am valuable to God.  God takes care of me and provides for me every day.  He protects me from evil and delivers me from the evil ones. Like Jabez, He is blessing me indeed and enlarging my territories.

I am seating in heavenly places in Him.

Yes, I am.

Today’s Affirmation:

I am my Beloved and my Beloved is mine. I can rest safely in the fact that wherever I am God is.  Nothing will separate me from Him. I am seated in Him in heavenly places. In Him, I live and move and have my being.


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