Your Word for This Day: “I Shall Not Want”

Monday, October 10, 2016

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Psalm 23:1


What is it that you want right now?  If you were give a pen and paper to list all the things that you want right now what would be first on your list? Money? Good health? A spouse? A home?

In Psalm 23, David declares, “I shall not want”. He was stating that he had no need to want because of the good provision of his Shepherd.  Everything that was necessary for David’s life was provided by the Shepherd. There was no lack in David’s life.

The same can be true for us.  When we come to the understanding that our Shepherd is the Lord, the only true and living God, who is able to take care of His sheep, then we, too, will be able to say “I shall not want”.

We oftentimes confuse our needs with our wants. I shall not want means I will not lack.  How can David say this when surely there were things in his life that he wanted and did not have?  He could say this because he understood the difference between what is needed and what is wanted.

Many of the things that we go after are not necessary for our victorious life.  God knows our needs even before we list them. He has promised to supply our needs.

Go through your list again and separate the needs from the wants. Then, declare like David did that your Shepherd is  capable of providing for your needs therefore you shall not lack anything that is necessary for your life on earth.  He is the Good Shepherd.

 Today’s Affirmation:

I present my needs to the Lord and I am confident that He shall supply them and more.

(From: “Jehovah Ra’ah: The Lord, My Shepherd Daily Devotional” By: Diann J. Wilson)

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