Your Word for This Day: “All Things are Working for Your Good!”

Tuesday, March 7, 2018

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.  Romans 8:28

Have you ever put together a 1000-piece puzzle? For many, it’s a daunting task. One thousand little, multi-coloured pieces stare right at you, strewn all over the table. It takes time, energy, concentration and determination to put together such a puzzle, but in the end, the picture is beautiful and we feel great for accomplishing such a feat!

In many ways, our lives are like puzzles.

Just take a good look at you—you are talented and gifted, you can do many things, your personality is so unique, you are passionate about certain issues, you have gone through diverse challenges and you have a distinct set of memories. Sometimes, we don’t know how it all fits together, but if you stay committed to the process, you will see that it all will.

Each day, we must put together the different pieces that we learn about ourselves, working with intent until the beautiful picture is revealed in the end… and magnificent it will be.

You have the great opportunity (and responsibility) to invent yourself into the person that God has created you to be. So, what have you learned about yourself in the last week, month, year? Have you welcomed this information and made any adjustments in your life? It’s time to get creative! It’s time to embrace all of you and become all that God has designed you to be.


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