Your Word for This Day: Everything that you need!

 Thursday, February 14, 2013

 “For He Himself is our peace…”
Ephesians 2:14a

If you could mediate on this scripture all day I believe that your entire life would become brighter.  Would you try it? Would you say to yourself, “Jesus Christ is my peace”?  You can whisper it or say it loudly, the volume doesn’t matter, but the faith behind it does. If you believe, all things become possible to you.

Believe that Jesus is with you. Through salvation you came into a relationship with the One who is deeply in love with you, has great plans to prosper you and give you a wonderful future.

Believe that all that Jesus is, is with you too! As a child of God, you are entitled to all that Jesus is. You can partake of His love, His joy, His peace, and His mercy. He withholds nothing from those who believe in Him. Why live a life where you are up one day and down the next, jostled back and forth on an emotional roller-coaster, when you can rest in the peace of Jesus Christ? Friend, Jesus and all that He is, is with you today. You belong to Him and He takes good care of His own.

And remember, peace is more than just a day without arguments, disagreements or challenges. It’s a state of wholeness, knowing that you are complete in Christ and that no situation, person or thing can take away from who you truly are.  Great is He that is within you! Great is His peace!

Declaration: “Jesus Christ is my peace!”

One thought on “Your Word for This Day: Everything that you need!

  1. I am a Christian and I attend a small Lutheran Church close to my home. I have been a member for many years and am filled with “extreme thanks for God’s Glory” whenever I enter. My problem has always been getting my Husband to be more close to the Lord. Since he retired two years ago he attends more often than he used to.

    I am so blessed. Some great friends of mine recently became our Elders, how convenient. When they called asking for our cooperation on Ash Wednesday my dear husband just happened to answer. Oh course, he couldn’t say NO.

    I believe my valentine gift was the Lord working through my perseverance and attending Ash Wed. service and dinner following. He even stayed behind to help wash mostly ALL the dishes!


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