Your Word for This Day: Great Things are Ahead of You!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 


“Better is the end of a thing than its beginning, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.” Ecclesiastes 7:8

Running gear…check. Running shoes… check. Water bottle… check. Energy Bar… check. Headphones and energetic music… check. Positive attitude… check!

Many people start a “run” well – they mentally and physically prepare themselves to hit the pavement with a vengeance, but, not many finish well.

Somewhere along the way, the body gets tired, the legs may cramp up, and thoughts of not being able to cover the entire distance begin to rise. There may be a stumbling and a tripping and an angry dog or two. There are also distractions… such as the smell of the bakery, or the other perfectly fit runner who crosses our path, effortlessly running at the speed of a car! And so, we get frustrated and give up.

But, if you give up in the middle of your course, you will not reach your intended destination, and you will never come to know what you are really made of!

So keep running your race in life. Keep going. Be patient with yourself. As you stay committed to doing what you set out to do, you will build up endurance and stamina and, over time you will see that you are stronger, more focused and more determined. You will learn to by-step what tripped you up in the past, how to pace yourself and how to celebrate the person who has put in the effort to run their course well.  

To reach our goals and complete well the course in this season of our lives, we must be totally and completely engaged in our process of change. We must be all in.

No more just living through each day and praying for it to come to an end. You are the main character in your life… don’t settle for a supporting role!

There must be a forgetting of the past, a letting go of old ideas, patterns and attitudes. There must be a reaching forward, a stretching with outstretched necks and hands extended to receive and  access the great things that lies ahead of us.

Remember, great things are ahead of you! It’s yours for the having!


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